About WFG

Who do we work with?

We do not have an "asset minimum," or minimum wealth requirement to work with us.
What we do require is a certain mentality, which often takes one of these three forms: 

Upwardly Mobile

Up-and-coming households who want to be intentional about saving and aggressively growing their wealth over time. 

Financially Mature

Well-established individuals who want to ensure their resources will last through retirement and maybe even beyond. 


Households that can cover their needs and are now exploring long-term possibilities such as estate planning and philanthropy. 


WFG assets under management 

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Commonwealth assets under management 

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What do we do?

"Wealth management" looks radically different from one family to the next. The term covers a wide array of services that, while distinct, often overlap and change depending on the circumstances. 

So it is a little bit artificial for us to make a list of different "products" or "packages" that we offer - good financial planning rarely works that way. That said, most of what we do for our clients breaks down into four main areas of impact:

Income Strategies

We make a custom, dynamic roadmap of your income sources – paychecks, property income, equity earnings and everything else – and help you decide how best to spend or save them. 

Tax Projections

Looking ahead to the potential tax impacts of your various spending and saving options, and making sure you don't end up paying any more in taxes than you absolutely have to.

Retirement Planning

Determine how much you need to maintain your current lifestyle – when to start taking Social Security, how to sequence your withdrawals, titling your assets, etc. 

Estate Planning

If you expect your wealth to outlive you, then we will help to ensure it has the greatest possible impact – both for you right now and for your loved ones in the years to come.