Is the housing market heading south?

although new construction has increased, availability of new housing has decreased
There’s a lot of buzz lately about home prices falling and supply rising... does that mean another housing market crash?
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Let's be honest: things are scary

In contrast to its gangbuster performance in 2021, the market in 2022 has left everyone rattled. What's going on, and what can you do about it?
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Turns out bonds can get crazy, too

bond prices have had a notable decline during 2022
The bond market is a full three times bigger than the stock market, and has also seen some important developments recently.
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Should you "Sell in May and Go Away"?

I hear this old investment proverb every single year around this time. Is it a reliable rule of thumb? 
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Stagflation: when everything goes wrong all at once

stagflation refers to an economic condition of concurrent inflation and recession
A mashup of “stagnation” and “inflation,” stagflation occurs when inflation accompanies a recession – the worst of both worlds.
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