test drive

Give us a test drive!

Hiring a financial advisor is a little like buying a car: a big commitment! And no one wants to make that commitment without first trying out the car (or advisor) in person. Fortunately, you can take us for a spin with three easy steps: 

In​tro Call

A 15-minute Q&A with one of our staff, so we can introduce ourselves and see if we are a good fit for your financial needs.

Advisor Meeting

A more in-depth conversation where we outline what you can expect from working with us, and gather data to build your Next Steps Financial Roadmap.

Roadmap Presentation

A presentation of your Next Steps Financial Roadmap, which includes personal recommendations for you and examples of how we would execute them.

After that, the choice is yours! 

We want to work with clients who want to work with us. So if you are not sold after these three steps - or just need more time to think - simply say the word! 

Financial management is more than a service: it is a partnership. And we want to make sure you find the best partner possible, whether with us or someone else. 

Get it on the calendar

Financial planning can be a long and complex process, but we break it down into simple steps. A good first step is to pick a time for your intro call using the calendar below: