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How bad would a US credit rating downgrade be?

Instead of increasing, interest rates decreased after the US credit rating downgrade in 2011.
Despite the headlines, a US credit rating downgrade may seem like much ado about nothing. After all, how bad can AA+ possibly be?   Read more
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America is great, but it isn’t everything

International indexes like those of MSCI can help investors expand beyond the US stock market
The US stock market is so huge that it is easier to forget the rest of the world exists, at least when it comes to investing. But that would be a mistake. Read more
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Covered call writing: a fancy trick for simple investors

If you want to generate some extra income from your portfolio - without getting too risky or complicated - you may be interested in this technique. Read more
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How to save your money from the nursing home

"Keep your savings and still qualify for Medicaid!” Sounds great… but how is this actually accomplished? And what is the catch? Read more
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