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High income tax got you down?

MLPs can be a great way to mitigate the effects of a high income tax bracket
MLPs can be a great source of income for investors who are currently in a high tax bracket but expect to be in a lower one down the road. Read more
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Invest in the Land(s) of Opportunity

opportunity zones can be found throughout the Pacific Northwest
When you think of the "wild west" of investing, Opportunity Zones may not be the first thing to come to mind. But they really can live up to their name. Read more
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How to (possibly) slash your property taxes

An exemption on your real estate taxes can really help to trim expenses, if you're eligible.
A property tax exemption is one of the juiciest tax cuts out there for those who can get it. But how does one get it? Read more
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Could your mortgage use a break?

The CARES Act may enable you to delay payments on federally owned or backed mortgage loans
For homeowners, mortgage payments can be a real pain amid the financial chaos of COVID – but the good news is that temporary relief may be available. Read more
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