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How to save your money from the nursing home

"Keep your savings and still qualify for Medicaid!” Sounds great… but how is this actually accomplished? And what is the catch? Read more
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How to invest in an HSA – and why you should

the tax advantages of an HSA make it a great option for retirement saving
Most of us don't think to invest in an HSA and instead treat it as emergency savings. This could be a mistake, however. Read more
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The MPI: future of savings or snake-oil scam?

The MPI isn't technically a scam - but it's no financial silver bullet either. Read more
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Is the MPI too good to be true?

Maximum Premium Indexing claims to revolutionize retirement saving with risk-free investment. How realistic is that? Read more
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So who is IRMAA, anyway?

Do you know IRMAA? No, we didn’t misspell the name of your mother-in-law or the woman at church who chairs the monthly bake sale. Read more
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Your HSA could be your secret weapon

Need more tax advantaged savings accounts? Meet the HSA, your new best friend.

For those who are looking for tax shelters in addition to IRA’s or 401(k)’s, I encourage you to consider an HSA, a Health Savings Account. HSA’s Read more

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