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Is infinite banking a scam?

Even if you have never heard of it before, the term “infinite banking” is probably enough by itself to set off alarms in your head. Is it for real? Read more
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How to save your money from the nursing home

"Keep your savings and still qualify for Medicaid!” Sounds great… but how is this actually accomplished? And what is the catch? Read more
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There is more than one type of investment risk

People can fall into black-and-white thinking with investment risk. They will ask if a given asset is risky, when they should be asking *how.* Read more
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How to not run out of money in retirement

The last three years have made this perennial question more urgent than ever: how do I know my retirement savings will be enough? Read more
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Three great ways to hack your tax savings

the type of account you use for long-term savings can make a big difference to your lifetime tax liability
Even if you can't change much for this year’s taxes, the choices you make today can mean big tax savings in the long run. Read more
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Should you pay off debt with your IRA?

pay off debt with IRA example projection
Ideally you will only use your retirement savings for, well... retirement. But perhaps a ton of high-interest debt is the exception? Read more
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The great advisor debate: fee-based vs. fee-only

While fee-based advisors may earn commissions by offering access to third-party products, fee-only advisors may not.
The common claim is that fee-based advisors are vulnerable to conflicts of interest, while fee-only advisors are not. This is a huge oversimplification. Read more
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Will a trip to Disneyland torpedo your retirement?

There is a hazy but nonetheless widespread idea that every kid should get to go to Disneyland at least once. Is that realistic? Read more
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Now is the time to start earning from your savings

While stability and liquidity are critical for your savings, that does not mean they are doomed to just sit there without earning power. Read more
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What does a financial advisor actually do?

For those of you who like to know how the sausage gets made, here is a breakdown of what this financial advisor does. Read more
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