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Is infinite banking a scam?

Even if you have never heard of it before, the term “infinite banking” is probably enough by itself to set off alarms in your head. Is it for real? Read more
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Covered call writing: a fancy trick for simple investors

If you want to generate some extra income from your portfolio - without getting too risky or complicated - you may be interested in this technique. Read more
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How to not run out of money in retirement

The last three years have made this perennial question more urgent than ever: how do I know my retirement savings will be enough? Read more
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Now is the time to start earning from your savings

While stability and liquidity are critical for your savings, that does not mean they are doomed to just sit there without earning power. Read more
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High income tax got you down?

MLPs can be a great way to mitigate the effects of a high income tax bracket
MLPs can be a great source of income for investors who are currently in a high tax bracket but expect to be in a lower one down the road. Read more
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The underrated benefits of “lazy” money

Most investors want to put their extra cash "to work" rather than letting it sit around. That's very sensible… but a pile of cash has its uses too. Read more
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When to spend your dividends

If you invested $10k in AAPL in 2012, reinvesting dividends would have earned you $9,370 more than just holding the shares.
Reinvesting dividends is usually a good idea. But there are instances where it may be more appropriate to take the money and run. Read more
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Turns out bonds can get crazy, too

bond prices have had a notable decline during 2022
The bond market is a full three times bigger than the stock market, and has also seen some important developments recently. Read more
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The most basic – yet confusing – question for retirement planning

The choice between traditional and Roth plans largely comes down to two variables: your time horizon and your expected future tax bracket Read more
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The ONE time you should borrow from your 401(k)

At least a 401(k) loan is better than credit card debt
It can be tempting to borrow from your 401(k), but it's rarely worth the cost unless you're really in a tight spot. Here's why. Read more
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