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America is great, but it isn’t everything

International indexes like those of MSCI can help investors expand beyond the US stock market
The US stock market is so huge that it is easier to forget the rest of the world exists, at least when it comes to investing. But that would be a mistake. Read more
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Covered call writing: a fancy trick for simple investors

If you want to generate some extra income from your portfolio - without getting too risky or complicated - you may be interested in this technique. Read more
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The Ten Commandments of Portfolio Protection

The financial landscape is still full of uncertainty, so here are some perennial investing principles for good and bad times alike. Read more
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The Benefits of a Bad Year: 2022 in Review

While 2022 did not meet all the criteria for a recession, it was a major doozy in other ways. But we are still standing, and that is worth something. Read more
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Single-stock ETFs: a safe(ish) way to gamble?

I recommend treating the latest hot fad with a healthy degree of skepticism. But this one could have its uses - within certain limits, anyway. Read more
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The investment “rule” you should actually ignore

the rule of 100 claims that age should determine how your portfolio is allocated
Sure, we all know that rules of thumb are imprecise and should not be viewed as ironclad laws. But this one is frankly garbage. Read more
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When to spend your dividends

If you invested $10k in AAPL in 2012, reinvesting dividends would have earned you $9,370 more than just holding the shares.
Reinvesting dividends is usually a good idea. But there are instances where it may be more appropriate to take the money and run. Read more
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So you want to invest like a Senator?

Politicians aren't supposed to use their connections for an investing advantage. But you might be able to get a piece of the action when they do! Read more
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Big-box retail and the bullwhip effect

Walmart's share price dropped drastically in after-hours trading on July 25, 2022.
Early this week, Walmart had one of its worst stock market days in decades. How did that happen? Read more
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So, the Nasdaq just took a nosedive

We explore possible causes for the recent whiplash that's afflicted Big Tech stocks in particular. Read more
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