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Tax Projection: the “Secret Sauce” of Retirement Saving

Small taxes can add up to huge amounts over the course of decades – and long-term tax projection right now can save a fortune in the future Read more
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The million-dollar gift tax hack!

While you may owe tax on a large monetary gift, you can instead put the gift toward your lifetime exclusion amount.
Many people assume that the “gift tax” is automatically applied to gifts exceeding a certain amount. But this perception is actually false! Read more
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So who is IRMAA, anyway?

Do you know IRMAA? No, we didn’t misspell the name of your mother-in-law or the woman at church who chairs the monthly bake sale. Read more
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Millennials have it rough – but it’s getting better

An argument could be made that interest rates haven't been this low since the Babylonian Empire.
It's tempting to conclude that things are bleaker than ever for today's young adults. But the COVID crisis has some silver lining for them. Read more
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Your HSA could be your secret weapon

Need more tax advantaged savings accounts? Meet the HSA, your new best friend.

For those who are looking for tax shelters in addition to IRA’s or 401(k)’s, I encourage you to consider an HSA, a Health Savings Account. HSA’s Read more

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