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How bad would a US credit rating downgrade be?

Instead of increasing, interest rates decreased after the US credit rating downgrade in 2011.
Despite the headlines, a US credit rating downgrade may seem like much ado about nothing. After all, how bad can AA+ possibly be?   Read more
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Does the debt ceiling actually do anything?

You and I cannot just raise our own credit limit at will, so why does the government get to do so? What is the point of a debt limit anyway? Read more
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No, the tech layoffs are not actually a crisis

The number of recent tech layoffs may be big, but there are other important numbers that are even bigger. Read more
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The Benefits of a Bad Year: 2022 in Review

While 2022 did not meet all the criteria for a recession, it was a major doozy in other ways. But we are still standing, and that is worth something. Read more
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A Macro Smackdown: The Fed vs Inflation

inflation is affected by factors like monetary supply, wealth distribution and productivity
Inflation is a very complex phenomenon, so it's hard to say if the Fed's recent rate increases will do the trick against it. Read more
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Is another housing crash on the way?

Home inventory has fallen well behind the rate of population growth over the last decade.
A drop in prices is definitely plausible - but that's hardly the same as a full-blown housing crash. Read more
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Is a “New World Order” on the way?

According to Ray Dalio, our recent spike in spending and inflation could mean big changes ahead
A look at Ray Dalio's forecast of a "new world order," and what it could mean for us today. Read more
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So, the Nasdaq just took a nosedive

We explore possible causes for the recent whiplash that's afflicted Big Tech stocks in particular. Read more
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Is the platform economy about to take over?

The platform economy has expanded a lot in the wake of the pandemic. But will its momentum keep up? Read more
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The American cost of Russian sanctions

How serious are the sanctions on Russia? Will they even work? And how will they affect us here in the States? Read more
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