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Stagflation: when everything goes wrong all at once

stagflation refers to an economic condition of concurrent inflation and recession
A mashup of “stagnation” and “inflation,” stagflation occurs when inflation accompanies a recession – the worst of both worlds. Read more
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Is the platform economy about to take over?

The platform economy has expanded a lot in the wake of the pandemic. But will its momentum keep up? Read more
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Can we spend our way to a merrier Christmas?

There is some unusual stuff going on with holiday consumer spending this year. In some ways this is good news... but in others not so much. Read more
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Millennials have it rough – but it’s getting better

An argument could be made that interest rates haven't been this low since the Babylonian Empire.
It's tempting to conclude that things are bleaker than ever for today's young adults. But the COVID crisis has some silver lining for them. Read more
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Could your mortgage use a break?

The CARES Act may enable you to delay payments on federally owned or backed mortgage loans
For homeowners, mortgage payments can be a real pain amid the financial chaos of COVID – but the good news is that temporary relief may be available. Read more
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Have you been procrastinating on taxes?

reporting Covid stimulus money on Form 1040
Among all the other confusion of the last year, you may still be wondering if your stimulus check counts as taxable income. Read more
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