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Three great ways to hack your tax savings

the type of account you use for long-term savings can make a big difference to your lifetime tax liability
Even if you can't change much for this year’s taxes, the choices you make today can mean big tax savings in the long run. Read more
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How to invest in an HSA – and why you should

the tax advantages of an HSA make it a great option for retirement saving
Most of us don't think to invest in an HSA and instead treat it as emergency savings. This could be a mistake, however. Read more
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The Ten Commandments of Portfolio Protection

The financial landscape is still full of uncertainty, so here are some perennial investing principles for good and bad times alike. Read more
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Should you pay off debt with your IRA?

pay off debt with IRA example projection
Ideally you will only use your retirement savings for, well... retirement. But perhaps a ton of high-interest debt is the exception? Read more
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The great advisor debate: fee-based vs. fee-only

While fee-based advisors may earn commissions by offering access to third-party products, fee-only advisors may not.
The common claim is that fee-based advisors are vulnerable to conflicts of interest, while fee-only advisors are not. This is a huge oversimplification. Read more
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