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A big estate tax break is about to shrink

The lifetime exclusion amount determines how much money you can give away or bequeath during your life without incurring taxes.
If you hope to leave behind a large chunk of change after you die, you should know about the lifetime exclusion amount. Read more
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How bad would a US credit rating downgrade be?

Instead of increasing, interest rates decreased after the US credit rating downgrade in 2011.
Despite the headlines, a US credit rating downgrade may seem like much ado about nothing. After all, how bad can AA+ possibly be?   Read more
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Does the debt ceiling actually do anything?

You and I cannot just raise our own credit limit at will, so why does the government get to do so? What is the point of a debt limit anyway? Read more
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How to get not-terrible gas prices

Perhaps it’s sad to get excited for three dollars a gallon... but hey, it’s better than five dollars a gallon. But will this downward trend continue? Read more
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Why the markets might be in for an upswing

Since 1950, the S&P500 has almost always had positive returns following a certain high-profile event. Know which one it is? Read more
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Who will be the next “world’s factory”?

projected increase in exports by partner countries in the Belt and Road Initiative
China may be looking for a successor to its throne as the king of manufacturing. And that could spell opportunity for savvy investors. Read more
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So you want to invest like a Senator?

Politicians aren't supposed to use their connections for an investing advantage. But you might be able to get a piece of the action when they do! Read more
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Will the CHIPS Act save tech?

After the beating Big Tech has taken this year, the passage of the CHIPS and Science Act is welcome news to many investors. Read more
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Is it time to play nice with China?

In two of three top product categories, Chinese imports formed the majority of American sales in 2020
In the name of fighting inflation, Biden considers rolling back the Trump-era tariffs on our biggest economic competitor. What would that accomplish? Read more
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The buzz around Biden’s tax plan

markets react to Biden's proposed capital gains tax
The narrative is that Biden's tax plan will simply increase taxes for the wealthy. That's not an inaccurate takeaway, but it's also pretty simplistic. Read more
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