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How to save your money from the nursing home

"Keep your savings and still qualify for Medicaid!” Sounds great… but how is this actually accomplished? And what is the catch? Read more
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Should you “Sell in May and Go Away”?

"Sell in May and go away" made sense in 19th-century finance – but not so much today.
I hear this old investment proverb every single year around this time. Is it a reliable rule of thumb?  Read more
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Do I need a financial advisor for estate planning?

An advisors wider perspective can be invaluable in helping clients work through three critical questions about their estate. Read more
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How to not run out of money in retirement

The last three years have made this perennial question more urgent than ever: how do I know my retirement savings will be enough? Read more
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Three great ways to hack your tax savings

the type of account you use for long-term savings can make a big difference to your lifetime tax liability
Even if you can't change much for this year’s taxes, the choices you make today can mean big tax savings in the long run. Read more
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How to invest in an HSA – and why you should

the tax advantages of an HSA make it a great option for retirement saving
Most of us don't think to invest in an HSA and instead treat it as emergency savings. This could be a mistake, however. Read more
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The Ten Commandments of Portfolio Protection

The financial landscape is still full of uncertainty, so here are some perennial investing principles for good and bad times alike. Read more
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Does the debt ceiling actually do anything?

You and I cannot just raise our own credit limit at will, so why does the government get to do so? What is the point of a debt limit anyway? Read more
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How to kickstart your kids’ investing

When my kids (ages 10, 9, 2, and baby) are old enough to start investing, the first account I will encourage them to open is a… Read more
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Let’s be honest: things are scary

In contrast to its gangbuster performance in 2021, the market in 2022 has left everyone rattled. What's going on, and what can you do about it? Read more
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